Starting from a humble beginning,

JEW KIT Was Founded By Mr Teo Jew Kit In The Year 1992.

JEW KIT was founded by Mr Teo Jew Kit which origin from Authentic Hainanese,
he started a small stall to serve Hainanese Chicken Rice in 1992.

Jew Kit Hainanese Chicken Rice is one of the Singapore renowned Hainanese a Chicken Rice stall for more than 2 decades. Early Hainanese settlers worked in kitchens, acquiring a wealth of knowledge and experience they infuse into their cuisine. One of these dishes – the humble steamed chicken, was a staple during the Lunar New Year. The Chinese word for chicken, pronounced ‘ji’, is a homophone for prosperity, and that is exactly what makes it such a welcome dish at reunion dinners.

A Hainanese Chicken dish is a seemingly simple dish that is very unforgiving if cooked incorrectly. Its taste profile is complex if cooked well and here at Jew Kit, more than 20 years of research and refinement went into ensuring every piece of chicken, rice and even the condiments are cooked authentically and more importantly, perfectly. How do we do it?

The Jew Kit Hainanese Chicken is cooked with a proprietary designed sous vide system to produce chicken that is guaranteed to be the authentically flavorsome, as evident by the collagen sandwiched between the skin and flesh. Known as the ‘aspic’, this is highly nutritious because it is rendered from the bones and joints of fresh chicken