We pride ourselves in our Collagen Steamed Chicken

Jew Kit Hainanese Chicken Rice was founded by Mr Teo Jew Kit, a Singaporean of Hainanese ethnicity.

Driven by his passion towards Hainanese cuisine, Mr Teo started out as a humble hawker at Bukit Batok in 1992. JEW KIT has since expanded, serving both the local and international communities.

Today, JEW KIT prides itself in preparing its Signature Steamed Chicken with a proprietary designed sous vide system. Through this technology, the chickens undergo the cooking process in a vacuumed environment, unexposed to air. This retains the chicken’s freshness and texture, allowing a layer of collagen to form between the chicken skin and flesh, often misunderstood as fats. This collagen enhances the flavour and adds nutritional value, as it is rendered from the bones and joints of fresh chickens only.

Keeping the spirit of Hainanese culture, JEW KIT aspires to carry on expanding within and beyond local grounds, serving quality food that brings ‘Flavours(风味)’, ‘Reminiscence(回味)’ and ‘Human Touch (人情味)’.